Family Help Consultation

Wiltshire Council is committed to supporting families, and we need to hear from you. We are looking at the support that is available from pre-birth to 19 years old (and up to 25 years for young people with Special Educational Needs and or Disabilities). This support will be a range of services called Family Help and our vision is to have key support online including through dedicated web pages as well as a mix of buildings you can visit.

We want to ensure every family is able to get help where and when they need it, your thoughts are important.

Please fill in the short survey below to help ensure Family Help services work for everyone. Thank you.
If you find you cannot progress through the questions, it may be because you have not answered a question - missed questions will be outlined in red, with advice given at the top of your screen.
 Are you pregnant or your partner pregnant?
 Please state the age range of your children  (Tick all that apply)
 How would you like to find information about services for you and your family?  (Tick all that apply)
 Have you used the Wiltshire Together website to look for information about activities or services available to you and your family?
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