Wiltshire Community Food Providers

We are developing a Wiltshire community food providers interactive map that will show where projects and services are based and will provide further information for residents about eligibility and how to be referred (where applicable). Community food providers are encouraged to add information about their project and service by completing the form below.
The aim of the map is to help:
·  direct the public to essential community food support
·  better understand the provision across Wiltshire
·  build strengths and enable groups to work in a collaborative fashion
·  identify and address gaps in provision  

Data is collected, held and mapped by Wiltshire Council. If your organisation has multiple food provision locations, can you please submit one form per venue.  

Q2What is the address of your food provision?
Q3What area(s) does your food provision cover?
Q7Who is the best point of contact for your warm space?
Q9What type of food provision does your organisation provide? (tick all that apply)
Q10What is the specific type of food offered? (tick all that apply)
Q12Do you offer food delivery?
Q14Is a referral required to access your food provision?
Q15If yes, what is the referral route? (tick all that apply)
Q17Please provide details here of any associated costs of attending.

Questions 19 - 25 will not be shared on the interactive map. The following questions will not be shared with the public, this is collected to monitor the scale of food needs in the county, the challenges organisations may face and support they may need.  

Q19What type of organisation are you?
Q21How many meals or food parcels do you deliver on average per week?
Q22Does your organisation require further funding support to offer its food provision?
Q23Are you registered with Public Protection as a food business?
Q25Following feedback from various community food providers, we are looking to establish a network of food banks, fridges and other community meal/ food providers. Would you like to participate in a Wiltshire community food network?

Please ensure you have registered your food activities with Wiltshire Council Public Protection Department. You can register online here: https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/env-health-food-business

Registration is required in the majority of cases when providing hot or cold food frequently.


Wiltshire Council would like to publish the information you have supplied about your community food activities on our website www.wiltshire.gov.uk and promote it through our e-newsletters and social media.    

Q26Please confirm that you give consent for the information in questions 1 - 15 to be published, including the contact name, telephone number, email address and website address supplied?
Q27Please confirm that your organisation has an appropriate and current safeguarding policy in place to support your role as a community food provider.

If your service offer changes, please re-complete this form and your information will automatically update.

Thank you for completing this form

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