Wiltshire Warm Spaces

We are developing an interactive Wiltshire Warm Spaces map that will appear on the Wiltshire Council website to enable residents to easily identify local warm and welcoming spaces.

Our aspiration is that Wiltshire warm spaces will be:

·Welcoming, inclusive, and open to the public
·Safe with appropriate safeguarding, insurance, and all appropriate policies in place
·Non-judgemental, where everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect
·No cost or low cost to attendees

We’d be very grateful if you could please share the details of your warm space by completing the form below. Thank you for your support.

Q2What is the address of your Warm Space?
Q6Who is the best point of contact for your warm space?
Q8If required, can your warm space provide cost of living information, advice and signposting to attendees?
Q9Would your staff or volunteers wish to attend an online Warm and Safe Wiltshire www.warmandsafewiltshire.org.uk training session? Warm and Safe Wiltshire provides energy efficiency advice on a wide range of topics including fuel debt, measures to make your home warmer and grant availability.
Q10What facilities, amenities and activities can someone expect at your warm space? Please tick all that apply.
Q12Do you offer translation services?
Q14Is your Warm Space within a five-minute walk of a bus stop?

There is an expectation that the basic offer of a Warm Space is free of charge.

Q16Please provide details here of any associated costs of attending.

Wiltshire Council would like to publish the information you have supplied about your Warm Space on our website www.wiltshire.gov.uk and promote it through our e-newsletters and social media.    

Q18Please confirm that you give consent for this information to be published, including the contact name, telephone number, email address and website address supplied?
Q19Please confirm that your organisation has an appropriate and current safeguarding policy in place to support your role as a Warm Space.

Thank you for completing this form

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