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SEND Travel Survey

Throughout 2021/22, Wiltshire Council has been reviewing the SEND (Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities) Travel services that we offer to children & young people across Wiltshire to support their access to education, to ensure we are offering the right travel options for children and families and promoting greater independence.

We want to understand the views and experiences of children & young people with SEND and their families, about their journey to their place of education which will help us to improve our services. We want to ensure that we co-design new, innovative solutions that will support our children & young people to positively access education, improving their life chances and outcomes.
We recognise that families have been surveyed in the past about Transport options and changes were implemented as a result of feedback. This survey focusses on SEND Travel Services, rather than transport and aims to understand the needs of those who currently use our SEND Travel Services or are likely to do in the near future. It is an opportunity to share your views on some potential new options that we would like you to help us consider, that may not have been included in previous surveys or discussions. It is also an opportunity for families to contribute to the consideration of travel options who may not have previously contributed.
We would like to reassure you that nothing has been finalised and your input is important to informing our plans.
If you have more than one child with SEND and your answers would be the same or similar for each of your children, you will be able to complete this survey once for all your children. If your children with SEND have different needs, you may need to complete a separate survey for each of your children.

Thank you for taking the time to work with us on this matter.
As you've recorded that none of your children currently attend school, college or other education establishment, it's unlikely that this survey will be relevant to you.  Please do not feel that you need to continue.  Thank you.
 What are the current SEND travel arrangements for your child? (Select all that apply)
This next section is about Personal Travel Budgets, where Wiltshire Council propose making regular payments directly to families to support Children with SEND to travel to school or college.

The payments each family would receive, will be tailored to their individual circumstances, and based on the distance between home and the place of education. That distance would be paid at a set amount per mile for up to four journeys per day, (the outward and return journeys, both at the start & end of each school day).

A personal travel budget is an amount of money, that can be used in a creative and flexible way to get your children, to and from school and gives parent carers the flexibility to decide how best they can use this funding to meet their children’s travel needs. It is not tax deductible and does not need to be declared as income, so it would not impact any of your benefits.
 Would you consider receiving regular payments in advance, to enable you to take your child to school and back, twice a day?
 How much money per mile do you think would be fair and reasonable? (Total annual figure examples are based on living 10 miles from school).
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